" Creating beautiful surroundings within your budget. "


Fences & Gates

An attractive fence should be designed to suit your property and lifestyle. A good fence not only helps provide protection and security, it also gives you peace of mind, knowing small children or pets can be protected within the confines of your yard. Not only will it keep the local pests out (both the four legged and two legged varieties), but it gives peace of mind of knowing it will keep small children safe.

Decks & Garden Structures

Decks should be an extension of the house that flows smoothly into a safe oasis that complements your lifestyle. Plan decks, fences, or Garden Structures carefully to blend well with the desired garden landscape that suits your property and lifestyle.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall should be viewed as an investment that adds capital value to your property. It may be a costly outlay initially, but will quickly pay for itself in added useable land area and is recouped many times over in resale value.

Garden Design and Layout

Create a beautiful garden in any section. Let’s discuss your plans or I can suggest landscaping designs recommendations, based on your preferences and budget. Make this the year to create a beautiful space to play, grow your own produce, relax, or entertain.


Arboriculture & Lawn Care

Arboriculture includes garden preparation, seeding or transplanting propagated plants. It also includes maintenance like trimming, pruning, applying fertilizer, spraying to control insects and diseases, or cabling and bracing plants effected by wind. Put simply, arboriculture is the care of individual plants to maintain them at their best. That includes your lawns!!

Section/Yard Maintenance

Maintaining your section or yard at its best takes a lot of work. At Tauranga Landscaping and Handyman we know you are busy, and often may not have the best tools for the job. Maybe its time to allow us to maintain your yard to your desired high standard on a regular basis. Our team work hard and I as the owner am confident of your satisfaction in high standard of workmanship and the hourly output.