Section/Yard Maintenance

" Creating beautiful surroundings within your budget. "

Rubbish removal

Every household soon generates unwanted materials. Many households don’t have the vehicles needed to remove large items of rubbish. We provide a rubbish removal service at very reasonable rates

Roof & gutter cleaning.

Cleaning gutters from leaf waste is essential if you have trees around your property. We have the equipment to clean your gutters and take the waste away. Maybe that old shed roof needs some TLC? Iron replaced. Clear roofing installed? Roof repaint?

Overgrown gardens? Need a -weed whacker or weed matting?

Most gardens have hard to maintain areas. We can maintain your garden with our professional weed-eater machines and pruning tools or we may well be able to provide you with a long-term solution for more easy maintenance of those frequently overgrown areas such as installing weed matting and a bark or stone covering.

Lawn mowing relief service

We mow lawns on an as needed basis if you are away for a few weeks. We are not a weekly lawn mowing service, but if you plan on being away for a period of time, we provide a relief maintenance service for a few weeks.

Full section tidy-ups to suit all budgets.

Call me if you want a few hours gardening, pruning or general spadework etc. I will work in with your needs within your budget.

Plant diagnostics

Plant diagnostics may include identifying plants, diagnosing and treating tree damage and ailments, the treating of stem cavities, or arranging plantings for their ornamental value. At times it may call for the removing of excess trees or shrubs cluttering your garden.

'' Creating beautiful surroundings within your budget. ''