Garden Design and Layout

" Creating beautiful surroundings within your budget. "

Gardening and planting

Well-designed and maintained gardens are a delight to wander around. Regardless of your garden area being very small or a park like paradise, they can all be designed and made appealing with some careful planning within your budget.

Garden Beds –Bark,Riverstone,Mulch,Schist rock etc.

Garden beds can be complemented with a wide range of natural materials to help create a beautiful easy to maintain garden.

Garden edging

Garden edging comes in a huge range of ascetically pleasing choices that keeps your outdoor living space attractive. Edging clearly separates gardens from lawns, making it easy to mow lawns and maintain your section beautifully.

Natural rock features

Organic and natural materials should be anyone’s first choice when decorating the outdoors. Use rocks to transform your plain and boring backyard into a beautiful and relaxing oasis with texture and features for plants to grow around naturally. Feature rocks can create eye-catching designs that help your garden look as natural as possible, while giving it texture and design

Water features

Running water has a calming effect. Mankind have always found the sound of running water to be tranquil and relaxing. Whether you opt for buying an affordable premade fountain, or decide to have a more elaborate water feature built to create a soothing oasis in your garden, we can help you create that tranquillity


A paved area means to cover an area of ground with concrete, stones, bricks, tiles, wood, or the like, so as to make a firm, level surface. Talk to us about ideas you have for creating that firm level surface that you need which will look great as well

'' Creating beautiful surroundings within your budget. ''