Arboriculture & Lawn Care

" Creating beautiful surroundings within your budget. "

Tree Shaping / Trimming / Pruning

A good garden needs maintenance such as trimming and pruning. It also needs proper fertility or may need spraying to control insects and diseases. Often that involves waste matter to deal with, which the regular household finds difficult if they don’t have the necessary equipment. Allow us to arrange that for you.

Hedge trimming & maintenance

Hedges can create a wonderful oasis of privacy, a feature or a windbreak. But they soon become overgrown if not trimmed regularly. We have the equipment to maintain hedges up to four metres high, and will leave your yard looking trim and neat again when the clean-up is done. Ask for a quote today!

Thinning for safety, views or allow sunlight

Trees are a wonderful asset in any reasonable sized garden. However, if not maintained they become a danger to lines or your property, block sunlight to your home, suppress plant growth below or spoil your view. Our expert service will soon have your trees back in shape again.

Lawn preparation and new lawns

A beautiful green, luscious, level lawn, takes careful preparation. It also requires some basic maintenance each year to keep it looking healthy and control the spread of various weeds and pests that pop up on your lawn throughout the year.

If your existing lawn has not been prepared well, or is looking neglected we offer advice on how to create the green oasis you have always desired. We offer a full package for your new lawn from preparation to planting. Ask us for some ideas and estimates of costs.

Lawn Fertility & maintenance Or Restoration

Like any living thing, plants need the right conditions to thrive well. A good fertilizer can make your lawn lush and green, but lawns also need soil aeration and good drainage. Diligent lawn maintenance with some love and care from our team can have your lawns looking lush and healthy again in a relatively short period of time. Call now to discuss options and obligation free estimate.

Lawn Restoration

Some lawns are restored relatively easily but some are so far gone that it may need a complete rotary hoe, levelling and replant. If your lawns are uneven or full of weeds, then we can help create the lawn you always desired. Our team can help create a wonderful lush, flat lawn from your existing lawn.

'' Creating beautiful surroundings within your budget. ''